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     The ACE is the qualifying exam for the nationally-recognized Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) Credential.

A Higher Standard

Developed, reviewed and validated by nationally-recognized subject matter and psychometric experts, the Addiction Counselor Exam (ACE) tests for the necessary skills and knowledge of an addiction counselor professional.

The exam is not easy
. But when you pass the ACE and earn the RAS Credential, you will join RAS professionals in over 40 US States and 14 countries.

Exam Development


Be Prepared

 Over 80% of the candidates who pass the exam pass it the first time they take it, because they studied the material provided.

Top Reason for failing the Exam:
Didn't study the material

You may have already learned everything that will be tested on, but don't assume that you can pass the exam solely on that past knowledge.

You will need to know the information in these 3 books to pass the exam:

As part of the exam fee, we provide the relevant parts of these books to candidates who have paid for the exam (repeat exam takers do not get additional books sent to them).


Study Method

 The tutorial walks you through
TAP 21, The Addiction Professional,
and The MAT Counselor publications, and identifies all of the subject matter that may be tested upon within the current multiple-choice exam.

If it is not in these books,
it will not be on the Exam.

Watch the tutorial Parts 1-3 in order, highlight in the books the areas identified in the tutorial, and then go back and study those areas.

Get Started
Select pictures below to begin each part of the tutorial:
  Part 1 (time 10:39)  
  Part 2 (time 12:58)  
  Part 3 (time 11:45)  
  The ACE Exam Tutorial transcript can be downloaded FREE by selecting the button below:

ACE Tutorial Transcript
  Se lo prefiere, puede tomar
el examen en español?

ACE Examen en Español

The "Addiction Counselor Exam" and "ACE" Exam, as well as the "RAS" credentials, are registered service marks of Breining Institute:
"Addiction Counselor Exam" and "ACE" Exam: Service Mark Reg. No. 68184, Class Number 41
"Registered Addiction Specialist" and "RAS" credentials: Service Mark Reg. No. 65739, Class Number 41

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