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  Breining and CAADE: Uniform path to success for California counselors, based upon nationally-recognized and credible standards.  
  Breining and CAADE  

Breining Institute is pleased to announce a uniform and credible alcohol and other drug / substance use disorder (AOD/SUD) counselor certification standard in California, the Breining collaboration with the prestigious California Association for Alcohol / Drug Educators (CAADE), and that the nationally-accredited Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) Credentials will transition to the CAADE-issued Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC) Credentials for California counselors.


"It is an exciting time. Our common goal of establishing a world class partnership with Breining Institute is becoming a reality."


Dr. Greg Granderson
President, CAADE
Breining / CAADE Press Release



  RAS Credential holders  

Currently certified RAS in California will begin to be transitioned to the CATC certification upon their upcoming renewal with Breining within the next two years.

Your first renewal, within the next two years, will be substantially discounted as you will not pay CAADE membership dues. You may wait for Breining to invoice you as you approach your renewal date, or you may complete your renewal and receive the CATC Credential now, by using the renewal application at this link:

Renewing now will not shorten the time until your next renewal date, which will still be two years from your current renewal date.

This "grandparenting" opportunity will end after two years.

If you have let your RAS certification lapse, you may bring it up-to-date here:
Update Reg / Cert

  RAS Registrants  

Are you currently registered with Breining and preparing for the ACE Exam?

In order to accommodate counselors who have been preparing for the nationally-administered Breining Addiction Counselor Exam (ACE), for a limited time CAADE will accept the ACE Exam in place of the CATC Exam, and you must pass the ACE Exam by December 31, 2014.
Exam Request

Commencing January 1, 2015, RAS Registrants will need to pass the CATC Exam in order to be awarded the CATC Certification.

If you are not already registered with Breining as an AOD counselor in California, you may register with Breining here:
On-line Registration

If you have let your RAS registration lapse, you may bring it up-to-date here:
Update Reg / Cert

  California pre-registration requirements  

Introductory education
Effective March 1, 2014 in California, prior to registering as an AOD counselor with a State of California-approved AOD counselor certifying organization, individuals will need to first complete a "nine-hour orientation course" of introductory alcohol and other drugs (AOD) or substance use disorders (SUD) education, consisting of 3 hours each of ethics, confidentiality and professional boundaries.


Eligible education providers
The "nine-hour orientation course" may be completed through either of the methods below:


  Complete the on-line
"Basics Bundle"
from Breining Institute; or

  Complete a designated
"nine-hour orientation course" from any Breining Institute Accredited (BIA) program provider.

The course must be designated as
an approved "nine-hour orientation course"


Breining 9-hr Basics Bundle
The approved Breining Institute "nine-hour orientation course" is the "Basics Bundle" which may be completed entirely on-line.

Basics Bundle   Answer Sheet
  Only $29
for 9 hrs credit

Basics Answer Sheet
Regular price: $54
Save $25
Course material is FREE.
Select picture, above, for FREE download of the course material.
  Select button, above, for
on-line Answer Sheet and to complete course.
Certificate of Completion
will be automatically
e-mailed to you.

9-hr "Basics Bundle" includes Professional and Ethical Standards of Case Management (3 hours); HIPAA, Privacy Rule and Confidentiality of Client Records (3 hours); and Analyzing Multiple Relationships between Counselor and Client (3 hours). This orientation course does not count toward fulfillment of the minimum 155 hours of formal AOD courses required for certification.

California Law
California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 9, Division 4, Chapter 8, Sections 13000, et seq.

AOD Counselors
You must be registered within 6 months
of providing AOD counseling services, and

then fully certified
within 5 years.

Register on-line with Breining


At least 30% of your staff providing
AOD counseling services
must be certified.
Employers will be cited for non-compliance.



Code of Conduct
All registered and/or certified
AOD counselors are subject to the
Uniform Code of Conduct (UCC)

Calif Uniform Code of Conduct


These credentials are registered service marks, and may only be used by professionals who have been awarded these credentials by Breining Institute.
"Registered Addiction Specialist" and "RAS" credentials: Service Mark Reg. No. 65739, Class Number 41
The "Addiction Counselor Exam" and "ACE" Exam are registered service marks of Breining Institute:
"Addiction Counselor Exam" and "ACE" Exam: Service Mark Reg. No. 68184, Class Number 41
The RAS Certification is nationally accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)


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