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  FAST TRACK Education Course
17 unit / 170 hour Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Abuse Education.

     Breining Institute has provided higher education and advanced training to addiction professionals since 1986.


Breining Institute was first approved to offer addiction education courses in 1986 by the State of California Board of Education, and, after a comprehensive review by the BPPVE, our most current institutional approval is from the
State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) to offer
certificate and degree programs.
BPPE-required statement:
"Approval" means "compliance with state standards as set forth in the Education Code." Cal. Ed. Code section 94897(l)


The NAADAC National Certification Commission has approved the eligibility of the Breining Institute Masters and Doctorate degrees as qualifying degrees for eligibility to take the examination to earn NAADAC's
MAC credential.

FAST TRACK Education Program
This FAST TRACK Education Course includes 17 units (170 hours) of formal education in alcohol and other drug (AOD) abuse studies

This program is self-paced, may be completed entirely through Distance Learning
If you spend 10 hrs/week on your work, you should finish in about 4 months
FAST TRACK courses
1105: Cultural Differences / Special Populations
1201: Prevention and Education
1204: Legal and Confidentiality Issues / Ethics / Prevention of Sexual Harassment
1205: Self-help and Twelve Step Therapy
1311: HIV / ARC / AIDS / Communicable Diseases
1401-A: Role of the Counselor
1402-A: Individual Counseling Techniques
1403-A: Group Counseling Techniques
1406: Dual Diagnosis / DSM IV / Co-occurring Disorders / PTSD
1601: Internship Process
1602: TAP 21 and Twelve Core Functions
1701: Case Management
The Addiction Professional: Manual for Counselor Competency (2nd Edition)
Publication date: 2008
Publisher: Breining Institute, Sacramento, California
  Tuition / Fees  
17-units @ $39 unit
$663 Tuition

Application fee $75
Study Guide $65.35
On-line exam $10
California tuition fee (STRF) $.50

  Get Started  
1. Send us your Application for Admission. Here is a link to the Application:
  Application for Admission  
  2. When we accept you, we will send you an Enrollment Agreement, which you will sign and return to us with your Tuition and fee for the Study Guide.

3. We will then send you the Addiction Professional comprehensive Study Guide, the Course Material, assignments and exam questions, as well as instructions to take the On-line Course Exam.

4. You may work at your own pace - fast or slow - and then take the on-line exam whenever you are ready.

Call us at 916-987-2007


Answer Sheets for On-line Exams

  FAST TRACK Series Exam
Answer Sheet FT-081208
Answer Sheet FT-086719
Answer Sheet FT-080312
  1200 Series Exam
Answer Sheet 12-073308
Answer Sheet 12-071128
Answer Sheet 12-079311
  1500 Series Exam
Answer Sheet 15-073108
Answer Sheet 15-072873
Answer Sheet 15-073291
  1700 Series Exam
Answer Sheet 17-220108
Answer Sheet 17-224593
Answer Sheet 17-229831
  1100 Series Exam
Answer Sheet 11-098208
Answer Sheet 11-092162
Answer Sheet 11-096173
  1300 Series Exam
Answer Sheet 13-061708
Answer Sheet 13-069812
Answer Sheet 13-061181
  1600 Series Exam
Answer Sheet 16-118308
Answer Sheet 16-119278
Answer Sheet 16-112727
  Counseling Series Exam
Answer Sheet CS-649208
Answer Sheet CS-642813
Answer Sheet CS-641131

These Online Exam Answer Sheets are for use only by students enrolled in the FAST TRACK or Professional Track programs

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